We have recently become aware that a former employee of Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation has been making disparaging comments and allegations about Yorgum, Yorgum’s Board members, the CEO and current and former staff, including on social media.

The Board, in conjunction with the CEO, would like to reassure you that they have looked into the matters raised by the former employee in the communications, and are satisfied that all allegations of inappropriate conduct are unfounded. Yorgum has maintained, and will continue to maintain, lawful and appropriate practices within the organisation at all times. Yorgum is currently exploring its legal options in relation to the former employee’s statements.

If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, or if you have received such communications yourself and would like to discuss these, please do not hesitate to contact Yorgum’s Chief Executive Officer on 9218 9477.


Yorgum aims to offer Aboriginal people an autonomous, Aboriginal specific community based, counselling and referral service that acknowledges the impact of colonisation on Aboriginal people. Yorgum provides an environment to enhance the healing process for Aboriginal individuals and their families experiencing emotional distress, and working towards empowerment collectively and individually. At all times, Yorgum operates within the framework of Aboriginal terms of reference.

Yorgum Services

  • Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Service
  • Family Violence Program
  • Community Development
  • Grandmother’s Group (reliant on funding)
  • Counselling

      • One-on-one counselling
      • Family violence counselling – (When Available)
      • Grief and loss counselling
      • Sexual assault counselling
      • Crisis/Trauma resolution
      • Relationship counselling
      • Aboriginal identity counselling
      • Specialised cultural therapeutic practises
  • Link-Up Service

    Yorgum offers a unique team consisting of a psychologist and counsellors. The target group are children, male and female individuals and families.

    Staff offer counselling in issues such as:

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